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FIFA 16 Ratings Predictions – Manchester United, Squawka Football

FIFA 16 Ratings Predictions – Manchester United

It is around two months now until the release of FIFA 16 and as new features continue to be released we are going to carry on looking at player ratings and what will be changed. We have already covered players in different positions that deserve upgrades, but now we’re going to go through some of the biggest clubs and which of their players need both upgrading and downgrading on FIFA 16.

When we were going through positions we tried to keep it to one per club but we found ourselves looking at loads of players and thinking that they needed to be upgraded or downgraded. So we’ve decided to go club by club and pick out three who deserve a boost and three who deserve a drop so we can ensure that we have covered all bases.

We start with Manchester United who we think could well be one of the best teams to use on FIFA 16. Louis van Gaal has been spending as if it is FIFA since he took over at Old Trafford and he’s building a very impressive squad by the looks of things.

Three players who deserve upgrades

For starters, we think Darmian needs to changed from a RM to a RB on FIFA 16 and it would be a huge surprise if he did not get upgraded to a gold player in the new game. If Rafael is 77 then we think there’s no reason Darmian should be 78 or 79 and frankly we wouldn’t be that surprised to see him go up to 80.

Full-backs are typically rated lower than other players, for example Dani Alves is the highest rated full-back at just 83. Darmian deserves his boost though, he’s been one of the best full-backs in Italy for the past couple of months and he was hugely impressive in matches against England. Looking at his stats we think he’ll get boosts across the board in FIFA 16 and we were surprised to see that he doesn’t have a single technical stat above 80.

It was no surprise that Herrera wasn’t upgraded in January, given how hard he had to work to earn his place in the team, but his form in the second half of the season means he deserves an upgrade. New signing Bastian Schweinsteiger is up at 88 and whilst Herrera clearly isn’t at that level he could easily go up to 81 or 82.

His finishing stat of 61 is the one that immediately stands out as needing to be changed. Last season he managed six goals and converted 25% of his chances. What also stood out was that nearly all of his goals were lovely finishes rather than lucky goals or tap-ins. On top of that we think his tackling could be brought up a bit which will see him raised up to the low 80s on FIFA 16.

Given his form last season, and his subsequent big move to United, it’s hard to imagine that Memphis Depay won’t be one of the best attacking players in FIFA 16. The Dutchman scored 22 goals in the Eeredivisie last season and has arrived at Old Trafford to a fanfare of expectation. On FIFA, his 91 pace makes him a hugely exciting proposition and he will bring a lot to United on FIFA 16.

It’ll be interesting to see how much Depay gets a boost because if the developers are being sensible he should probably be around 81 or 82, but there’s every chance he’ll get a huge boost and go up to the mid 80s. Like Herrera, his finishing stands out as an area to be improved and you can say the same for his long shots.

Three players who deserve to be downgraded

In all likelihood Evans could be on the way to Everton but if he does stay he simply cannot remain as the club’s highest-rated defender, it’s just ludicrous. He has had good seasons but last year was a really bad one for Evans and keeping him at 79 would be silly. He needs to come down to around 75-77 and by the same degree players like Chris Smalling need to be bumped up.

Even if Evans does move it’d be a surprise if he remains as high as 79 although to be far his passing should still be high. Despite his problems, he is one of the better defenders on the ball in the Premier League and it is the other areas where he should be taken down. There are no stats that obviously stand out as needing fixing and it is more a general downgrade.

It is no secret that Angel Di Maria struggled last season during his first season in England it could be his last with reports consistently linking him with a move to French champions PSG. Like Evans it doesn’t matter whether he stays or goes, he has to get downgraded in FIFA 16. Di Maria is fantastic to play with on FIFA at the moment with his dribbling, pace and passing but that needs to be taken down a bit.

We’re not suggesting a huge downgrade, after all he is still a quality player, but 84 or 85 would seem more justifiable than 86. We suspect Di Maria will still be excellent in FIFA 16, but he shouldn’t be as good as he was in FIFA 15. He probably deserved a boost last summer after his exploits for Real Madrid and didn’t to stay at the same level, but now he has to be brought down a bit.

Now a couple of months ago Radamel Falcao and Robin van Persie would have been shoe-ins for this list but both have departed and aside from captain Wayne Rooney United only have Javier Hernandez and James Wilson. We reckon Rooney deserves a bit of a boost, whilst Wilson will probably stay where he is, but Hernandez should definitely go down.

He is simply not an 81 and in truth he is one of those players who is even better than his rating suggests. Playing against Mexico is a nightmare on Seasons a lot of that is down to Hernandez. His finishing needs to come down a bit from 88, it’s only one lower than Sergio Aguero, and the rest of his stats need drops.

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