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Really Big Shrimp

Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp is a TV movie of the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh and the sequel to Drake & Josh Go Hollywood. This TV movie is the series finale in chronological order. It premiered on 3 August 2007, during the Drake vs. Josh Weekend, In the movie Drake Bell performed "Makes Me Happy" from his CD It's Only Time.

As the episode opens, Drake performs his new song, "Makes Me Happy" live at The Premiere in front of Alan Krimm from Spin City Records. The representative is amazed at Drake's song, and asks him to come to Spin City Records HQ tomorrow to sign a record deal. They go, and Drake is given a deal. The recording studio then says that Drake's song will be shown on a tennis shoe commercial during the Super Bowl, seen by 100,000,000 people around the world. While Drake is recording the song, Josh is told that he must sign a "standard" contract. Josh doesn't read the contract at all, mesmerized by massive shrimp. So Josh mindlessly signs the contract and ends up signing away all creative rights to Drake's song. The recording studio ends up completely ruining Drake's song, turning it into, as Drake puts it, "horrible bubblegum pop garbag-y badness", and Drake fires Josh. Drake attempts to plant a tank of fruit flies in the trunk of Alan's car, saying, "When people play dirty, sometimes you just gotta play dirty back". Josh, unfortunately, takes this to heart and switches the awful song with the original recording and gives the original to the Super Bowl commercial deliverer. So the original song is heard on National TV and the recording studio calls to tell the boys that giving the original song to the company was illegal, a violation of their contract, that the record label could sue them for $5,000,000 and that they could end up in prison for 2 years.

They go the next day, and end up finding out that the song was a huge hit, and that they've gotten thousands of e-mails and phone calls since the commercial debut. They put the song up for sale on the Spin City Records website, and they had so many downloaded purchases and emails that it crashed the server. So, Nick Matteo (the president of Spin City Records) gives Drake a multi-record contract. Alan objects to this, and Nick reveals he found out about Krimm's scheme to wreck the song and then fires him for attempting to wreck a song. Drake then reveals he put fruit flies in the car.

At Helen's wedding, Craig plugs in some extra lights for the wedding filming, and he ends up setting The Premiere, where Helen gets married, on fire. So, Josh delivers a heartfelt speech to Helen, and she decides to get married in her soon-to-be-husband Buzz's truck bed. Josh and Mindy get back together, Drake has become a huge recording artist, Helen is married, Lula goes home, Josh is now the assistant manager for the Premiere, Megan gets her room back, and everyone is happy.

Back at home, Megan and her friends are moving out of Drake and Josh's room, saying that a Nick Matteo dropped off around 3 dozen shrimp for them. Unfortunately for Drake and Josh, Megan and her friends have eaten all of the shrimp except one. The episode ends with Drake and Josh fighting over the shrimp when they drop it outside the window, and the first scene they ever starred in The Amanda Show where they fight over a piece of shrimp that falls from a window above.

  • At the Premiere, Helen becomes impressed with Mindy after she fixes a corn dog rotisserie that Josh couldn't fix, and gives Mindy the job as assistant manager. This infuriates Josh because he has been working to acquire that position for three years. When Crazy Steve goes berserk because Mindy assigned him to work on Monday (which is Crazy Steve's "Bad Day") Josh calms him down with "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" after Mindy fails to calm him down. After that, Mindy confronts Josh and reveals that she only took the assistant manager job because she wanted to spend more time with Josh. During the wedding they kiss and decide to get back together.
  • Helen is marrying Buzz Baxter, and her whole family is staying at her home, and she simply doesn't have enough space, so Helen's grandmother, Lula, stays at the Parker-Nichols home for a week. After breaking the front door and the toilet, Lula stays in Megan's room, while Megan shares Drake and Josh's room. Horrified, she takes over the boys' bedroom, completely feminizing it, only leaving Drake and Josh with an air mattress for two, a lamp, and a football.
  • Josh accidentally eats Crazy Steve's enchilada. Afterwards, Crazy Steve surprisingly stays relatively calm. When Josh asks him why, it is revealed that Crazy Steve is only allowed to get angry at four different times of the day. Soon, Crazy Steve pulls an old man's cane from under him, stating it's time, screaming "You ate my enchilada!" It happens again soon after.

The premiere of Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp brought in 6.0 million viewers. [1]

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drake and josh the bet vimeo search

Teens Drake and Josh couldn't be more different, and now that they've become stepbrothers and live in the same house, those differences are all the more obvious. With separate friends and aspirations in high school. wikipedia.org

  • Aired: January 2004 to September 2007
  • Created by: Dan Schneider
  • Cast: Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Miranda Cosgrove, Jonathan Goldstein, Nancy Sullivan
  • Country: United States
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Drake and Josh: Power Play

“DRAKE! DRAKE!!” Josh yelled as he stomped through the house in search for his stepbrother. The flustered teen finally found him in the kitchen melting chocolate. “Drake…..” “Yeah, what’s up?” he asked, unaware of Josh’s aggravation. “How do you always miss the laundry hamper?? It is across the room and yet somehow your dirty socks constantly end up on my bed!” he explained. “Uhh, I don’t know. Maybe they’re clean and I was trying to be nice by sharing…ever think of that?” the vapid boy replied, never looking up from his chocolate nachos. Josh’s faced skewed with disgust at Drake’s lack of care. “Wha….what….is that chocolate?” he asked, distracted by the abnormal snack. “Yeah”, “You know nacho chips are for cheese right?” “Yeah for chumps” he assured as he went on creating his junk food masterpiece. “Whatever I guess” Josh said in a defeated tone.

Drake and Josh: Power Play by GIANTXXX2


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“Alright everybody, welcome back and I hope you all had a nice spring break” Mr. Schu announced as he waltzed into the choir room. “If you call traveling across the country for an aunt’s funeral that you’ve never actually seen nice, then yeah” Kitty added. “I sat home and binged Netflix and ate M&M’s until I realized they all tasted the same” Ryder mentioned, a few of them giving him looks of idiocrasy. “Thank you for that Kitty and Ryder but I have something new to introduce today. I’ve noticed some of you have been struggling to keep up with breathing while dancing and singing so I wanted a way to increase breathing efficiency during performances” the enthusiastic man said before lifting a sheet off a hidden fixture near the piano, revealing a pair of padded stocks.

Tom Holland, one of the newest escorts with Fetish Fantasies was apprehensive about his first night on the job but reassured himself the background checks were full proof and he’d be safe. He wore a black t shirt with khaki shorts and sneakers, and even got a pedicure like the agency requires every week. He was ready for his first client but the nature of the evening made him nervous. He knew he was going to be tickled and the actor hadn’t been tickled really in years leaving him with no clue to how sensitive he was. It would be a surprise that’s for sure.

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The friendliest of the group was Jake Austin; class president and a total gym addict. Almost everyone found him too nice to seriously dislike, a trait he didn’t share with his friend Dylan Sprayberry. As if he wasn’t rich enough, the stunning teen modeled profes

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The blonde and his sized down entourage made their way back to the hotel as the dusk fell. “Are you coming up to the room right now?” his body guard asked. “I’m gonna smoke a cigarette real quick down here” he answered form the back entrance, light from the outer lamp barely illuminating his face. “Alright, just keep an eye out” “Dude, chill out. I’m fine down here by myself for a minute. Nobody’s fucking with me” he assured before the larger fella let him be. JB’s unshakeable confidenc

“But Dad, I didn’t know that gadget was off limits” Phil explained to his frustrated father. “I’ve told you at least 5 times!” Lloyd Diffy reminded. The teen knew he’d messed up this time; his father was rarely mad. “All I did was use it to change my clothes when I spilled a drink on my shirt” “Someone could have seen a remote change your clothes in public, Phil. That’s not normal in this time period! And don’t forget when you flew over your school that time and turning your lunch into a gourmet meal” “I know and it won’t happen again, I promise!” “No, you’ve got to learn a lesson….” Lloyd said before taking out one of their future tech remotes and sending a blue ball of energy into his son on the couch.

Suddenly Phil felt a surge of tingly sensations along his sides, making him grab his torso and burst into laughter. “AAHAHAWWHATTAHAHAHAHTHHEEE. ” &

Lizzie, Edwin, and Marti expected to have a blast with Derek as their babysitter. Having such an anti-rule authority meant they would play games and have all kinds of reckless fun their parents would never allow. However, that assumption soon came crashing down as the teen chose to slouch in the living room and order his siblings around instead of fulfilling their goal of an exciting evening. This motivated the trio to take control of the situation and show Derek how to have some real fun…

“Teddy, come in” Edwin invited as his mischievous friend appeared at the back door. “What’s up, man?” “Nothing, absolutely nothing” the Venturi brother replied with a sigh. “What do you mean? Isn’t Derek in charge?” “Yes but he’s just being lazy and eating. He won’t do anything fun” Lizzie chimed in over the kitchen island. “I see…” “We want you to help us out and make this a little more

“I can’t believe they haven’t found him yet” “Yeah I figured he’d show up by now just to get all this attention…I mean people are losing their shit” Dylan expressed. “You’re right. He’d love all this” Jake added with a slight giggle. “What?” “The whole thing just seems surreal; Nash of all people goes missing and everything goes on the fritz” the tanner lad explained. “I know, man. What do you think happened to him?” “Who knows? I don’t see him leaving on his own free will, not with things how he had them” “Maybe someone kidnapped him in the middle of the night when we were all asleep” “He always did have a way of standing out” Jake replied as he and Dylan leaned against the handsome lad’s BMW. “I guess I better get going, nobody likes eye bags for a shoot” Dylan added.

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Spencer walked through the door of his apartment with grocery bags in his hand, and found Freddie sitting on the couch watching TV. Spencer could see that he’d made himself comfortable, and he could tell by the sneakers that he noticed in the corner of the room behind the couch when he first made his way in, and by the licorice he was chewing on that was previously in his cabinet. “Hey Fredster, what’s going on?” Freddie looked behind him and gave a nonchalant wave, along with a “Hey Spence.” Spencer sat the grocery bags on the counter and said to himself, “I’ll put these away later.” He made his way to the couch and sat down next to Freddie, who was too intrigued in the Discovery Channel to even so much as look up when he said, “Carly and Sam went to the mall not too long ago. I decided to stay here so we could hang when you got back.” Spencer smiled s

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Taking a light jog the trainer headed out of the tunnel and trotted towards the Pokemon Center. Soon enough though he'd be surprised to see the lights completely dim, on the glass door was a sign.



Feeling a frown coming to his features Brendan began to feel his heart beat at an intensified rate. Wait . what? "W-wait! Then where am I gonna go?!" Feeling a sense of hopelessness settle in Brendan wasn't counting on this situation suddenly springing up o

After an EPIC night at the Summers home, I had to make sure I hadn’t dreamt the magical experience. The sleepover was everything I could’ve wished for and more. The up close and personal interaction with possibly the best feet I’d ever seen, becoming friends with Aaron, and having my first foot worship session was almost too much to comprehend but it happened and I thought of that evening often. I confirmed in round-a-bout ways that he didn’t recall the fact I’d had his luscious toes in my mouth, his sleep induced amnesia giving me the green light to further explore how far I could go with the boy next door.

It had been a few days since my night at the neighbor’s and I was currently doing laundry, my favorite activity ever. As I closed the washer door my phone dinged’ from a text, a text from Aaron. We’d text each other back and forth random stuff or stupid things to make the other laugh bu

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“Oh that’s nice. I’m supposed to work with him on a project but I knew nothing about him. My professor chose him for me because he’s harmless and a decent guy. Glad to hear

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Puck and Finn lazily sat on the couch, taking turns passing the game controller back and forth so they both had a chance to play the new game they ordered a few days ago. Puck passed the remote control to Finn and said, “Dude. I’ve been working on this song for a while, but since glee club was cancelled today, I didn’t get to perform it. Mind if I show you?” Finn was pretty surprised, because Puck didn’t seem like the type to ever want to sing a song in front of one of his “bros,” but he could tell that he was becoming more comfortable with his artistic ability. Finn paused the game and sat down the controller. “Yeah, yeah dude of course.” Puck stood up and cleared his throat. He started singing, and about a minute in of holding in his giggles, Finn laughed. “What’s so freaking funny Finn?” Puck said forcefully, putting his song on hold, because his feelings were obviously hurt. Fi

Like clockwork, he leaves the group and starts off on his own. Sneaking after him, you soon find yourself far from anyone else, the perfect time to strike. Before he knows what's happening, your hand covers his mouth and nose with a chloroform-soaked rag. A few moments of heavy struggling from the boy before his eyes shut and he is yours!

You watch your prize's eyes flutter on the screen before they open. It takes a few more moments for them to focus and start taking in his predicament. Arms stretched high, pulling his naked torso tight to the pillar behind him. His legs outstretched in front of him, stopping at his ankles locked in a heavy set of wooden stocks, his bare feet on the other side.

He wiggles his oh-so-adorable toes, trying to see if he can do anything to even see th

“So, who can tell me what spell you would use, if you would like to float?” Max bit his lip, pondering the question his father had just asked him and his brother Justin. It was something he’d learned a long time ago, and that’s all he knew. He wanted to give up, but he also wanted nothing more than to best his obnoxious brother. He was thinking long and hard, and then he was interrupted by his know it all brother Justin who said with a smile, “The spell would be, Havity no Gravity.” His dad looked at Justin and grinned, obviously impressed by his strong memory. “Well, it seems like you’re really taking your studies seriously Justin.” he said in an impressed tone. Justin smiled a cheesy smile at his father’s comment and flashed his pearly whites at his now frowning brother. Max was fed up with it all and just let what he was thinking slip out of his mouth. “Jeez Justin, we all know you’re

Kaz and Oliver laid across the carpet floor, their comic books in hand. They both hadn’t said anything to each other for maybe an hour straight, but Oliver was the one to break the silence. “Kaz, get you feet out of my face.” he said in an irritated tone, obviously not in the mood for games. Kaz ignored the request he was given, and actually made himself even more comfortable in his current position. He crossed his legs at the ankles and wiggled his toes in his soft, sweat imprinted black socks, hoping to annoy Oliver even further. It obviously worked, and you could tell by the rise in Oliver’s once lower tone. “Dude, I said to get your feet away from me!” he said sternly. Oliver was feeling quite proud of himself for handling himself the way he did, so he celebrated in his head and smiled. Sadly, his celebration was interrupted with a kick to the face from Kaz’s left foot. Oliver looked over and groaned a

Max had done it again. He crossed the line. Except this time, it has gotten Super President Kickbutt’s attention. Uh Oh

“So Max, what's this, the third time I've seen you this year?” Super President Kickbutt asked in an irritated tone. Max, not knowing when to quit joking, said, “Yea, it’s gotta be. I'm actually starting to think that you keep coming here because you have a crush on me.” Everyone in the room just stared at him, amazed and annoyed at the fact that he was still cracking jokes in a situation such as this one. President Kickbutt gave a sarcastic chuckle, and then held out her hand. When Max looked to see what she was holding, he saw a blue pill. Max was confused when he saw it and said, “Umm, I don't understa—” “Take the pill Max,” the President said, not wanting to waste her time with questions. Max t

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