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Alex Witkowski - @alexwitkowski photos and videos, PolyBoly

Alex Witkowski

24 / CSULB / Skateboarding / Filmmaking / See you on Sunday

a few weeks ago

125 6 5 day ago

Back to back birthdays. Happy 21st birthday Tyler AKA Jax. Thanks for making me laugh all the time and betting me tall cans on tricks 😊 I’ll win someday #oneeight #hellri.

72 2 12 day ago

“Say I won’t” a famous quote by Ryan to get him to huck his carcass down some steps Happy birthday @rbutlr 🍻

82 2 13 day ago

Who’s mans is this ? Met these guys at the spot, filmed this line, took down the kids email but it was an invalid email when I went to send him this footage. Tag em if yo.

83 0 17 day ago

Thankful for all my friends and snorkel babe. 1 year closer to the grave 🍹🏝

69 3 18 day ago

HB represent. @trentmcclung My good friend ❤️ well deserved dawg @primitiveskate

179 7 1 month ago

Anyone see the lightning last night ?

161 7 1 month ago

Random spot find. @tyler_cashman

86 5 1 month ago

Lil kicky from earlier filmed by @quinnpiper

84 7 1 month ago

If you can ever skate with @shmosucks. Do it. He's always bringing the stoke 📽 @quinnpiper @shaunmilla

69 5 1 month ago

I get by with a little help from my friends @zakmf @quinnpiper @shmosucks

83 7 1 month ago

Happy 23rd birthday to the cutest babe I know. Now my old lady ❤️ #belated

77 3 2 month ago

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